Predator vs predators with Tyler Eaton

Predator vs predators with Tyler Eaton

Predator vs predators, a game that's been played for thousands of years since the beginning of man. Although equipment and techniques have changed since we first used rocks as arrow and spear heads to hunt our quarry, the challenge is still there. Hunting predators can be one of the most exciting adrenaline rushes a person can get if you take the time to plan and setup perfectly.

Here are a few tips to help put that bobcat or coyote in your sights. -play the wind: keep your scent down same as you would hunting that mature whitetail.

Scent crusher plays a big role in scent elimination. -setup is key : the location you setup in plays a big role in your success of saving fawns and turkeys poults , if the coyotes or cats aren't there or the setup is in their favor your success more than likely won't prevail.

Don't over call an area: with more and more people getting into predator hunting it seems that the predators are becoming educated. The more you call with out changing the same call the less likely you are to call in that wiley coyote that's watching you from the thicket only a few hundred yards away.

Blend in to your surroundings: Good camo like Treezyn that has natural colors and tones to help blend into the environment is a must. It's important to not be detected and be able to disappear against the brush, these animals hunt for a living, they will pick you out!

Know your gun and equipment: Knowing how your gun and other equipment such as your scope, your calls, Ammo etc. will function, before heading into the field is also a key element to predator hunting success, you want your gun and optics sighted in and your calls with a full battery. What ammunition should you use? Use an ammunition that shoots good and true and holds a consistent group, the more accurate the better, I prefer choice ammunition for tighter groups at longer ranges without sacrificing knockdown power.

Add these few tips and tactics to your bag this winter and dominant the food chain!