Addicted to the Season

Addicted to the Season

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Dean Hudson - Director of Marketing

Dean Hudson Georgetown KY I have always loved the outdoors grew up fishing alot on lake Weiss in alabama. My dad rabbit and squirrel hunted when I was small but he got out of hunting by the time I was big enough to go. I started later than most squirrel and rabbit hunting in high school didn't start deer hunting til around 20 then I was hooked I used every resource I had available I read everything I could get a hold of I also used the knowledge of the older guys around town you know the guys that always kill the biggest deer in your area. I hung out listen to their stories tagged along when they would let me and soaked up all the info. I could get. Then started putting all that into trial and error made every mistake you could starting out but learned from every hunt. I now have over 30 yrs. Experience and alot of knowledge to pass along. So a big thank you to the guys who always listen to all my questions and helped me along the way. I am definitely addicted to the season

This Great Tradition by Jeff Wells

There is more to hunting then just collecting trophies!! Let's face it, today's society hunting is a sport. It's been that way for a while now. You look on the magazine shelves, tune your tv to the outdoor channel, sportsman channel, pursuit, and gen7 outdoors. We're presented with hunters that have big time sponsors, slots on the programming all in pursuit of the biggest rack, longest beard, biggest fish, and the most amount of birds that will fly in front of them.

Choosing the right call with Chris Rooks

With so many types of calls on the market now choosing the right call that fits you is very important. Some are easier to operate than others and some have a different tone than others. Having the right call for whatever game your pursuing and knowing how to operate it properly will be a huge game changer. For example, Sweet Seduction Game Calls has two or three different styles of calls for the type of species your after to fit everyone. So remember do your research on calls your interested in, read reviews on them, try different calls out, find one you can operate easily, and as always practice makes perfect.

Predator vs predators with Tyler Eaton

Predator vs predators, a game that's been played for thousands of years since the beginning of man. Although equipment and techniques have changed since we first used rocks as arrow and spear heads to hunt our quarry, the challenge is still there. Hunting predators can be one of the most exciting adrenaline rushes a person can get if you take the time to plan and setup perfectly.

Derek Klug

Hey guys my name is Derek Klug. I live in Southwest VA. Im 25 years old and have 2 kids that mean the world to me. I got introduced to the outdoors at the young age of 10 by my dad. Although the only hunting my dad ever has done is rifle hunt a time or 2 every season I sat with him and watched him harvest a big 7 pointer one evening and that's all it took. I was hooked. 2 days later he took me back behind the house and sat me down with his 30-06 and I shot a spike and that was it, I was a hunter for life. 2 years later my uncle introduced me to archery and muzzleloader hunting. My uncle was also involved in competition archery and offered to teach me that also. Since I was 12 years old I've been shooting tournaments and recently in the past few years started traveling all over the country shooting tournaments. Archery and hunting are now a 365 day a year passion for me. If I'm not working or spending time with my family you'll find me deer hunting in the fall, turkey hunting in the spring, and shooting archery tournaments from January til October.

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