Gary (Andy) Barker

Gary (Andy) Barker

Name: Gary (Andy) Barker Hometown: Johnson City, TN.

Hello, my name is Andy Barker. I am from Northeast Tennessee and currently live in Johnson City, TN. I spend most of my time on what I will call the family farm in Hiltons, VA. This is the same land my great grandfather built a house on in 1898, after receiving the land from his father.

I've always been outdoors, backpacking the Appalachian Trail, fishing for bass in Boone Lake and camping in the Smokey Mountains. I was always doing anything I could unplugged and outside.

I came into hunting in a non-traditional way. Most people are hunters that turn into shooters. I was the opposite. My father introduced me to guns at a young age. He taught me the history about them, how to fear their power and to respect and enjoy their capabilities. I enjoyed marksmanship. I started reloading at a young age and eventually challenged myself to do more. I got into long range precision shooting and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

After discussing the numerous big game opportunities in Virginia, the topic of hunting came up between me and my dad. I was hooked talking about the challenge and the connection to my family heritage. I made the leap into rifle hunting, then muzzle-loader and finally archery. To this day, hunting remains the biggest challenge of skills, ability and luck out of any of my past activities. The rush and adrenaline simply can not be described

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