Clinton Cox

Clinton Cox

Name: Clinton Cox Hometown: Versailles, Kentucky

My story is a little different than the rest. I haven't spent years hunting and don't have load of experience. At a young age I was raised by my grandparents on my fathers sideand they weren't the hunting type. I have always loved the outdoors and living on hundred acre farm in nonsuch ky I had plenty of outdoors. I remember as a kid fishing in the pond know good and well wasn't nothing but frogs and supposedly a tractor sunken by my dad and uncles when they were kids. My papaw Lawson god rest his soul was the only person I can't remember who really shared the outdoors with me. To this day my family talks about him buying me a fishing pole when I was only days old. I have loved to fish because of him and everything he tried to teach me. Yet as much as much as I loved to fish bring home that big buck was a passion that felt so out of reach.

  I served in the Army and was stationed in Washington state such a beautiful state. A perfect vacation for an outdoors person well if you don't mind the rain. During that time I became a father to two amazing boys. As I watched them grow I knew that it wasn't to late for to me to finally hunt. I wanted to give them everything I never had, I wanted to show them not only a different way at life but that you should never give up on your dreams. 

    2013 I brought home my Hoyt Faktor 30, and with every draw of the bow bullseye or miss I felt like a new man. This feeling I wanted to share with my boys no matter what. 

    2014 I killed my first deer ever , a beautiful 8 point buck, my adrenaline was so high I about cut my finger off trying to ale the first cut to field dress it. 

    I am a father a son a brother a friend a veteran a hunter, and just like my family here at Addicted to the Season  WE ARE THE OUTDOORS.

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