Derek Klug

Hey guys my name is Derek Klug. I live in Southwest VA. Im 25 years old and have 2 kids that mean the world to me. I got introduced to the outdoors at the young age of 10 by my dad. Although the only hunting my dad ever has done is rifle hunt a time or 2 every season I sat with him and watched him harvest a big 7 pointer one evening and that's all it took. I was hooked. 2 days later he took me back behind the house and sat me down with his 30-06 and I shot a spike and that was it, I was a hunter for life. 2 years later my uncle introduced me to archery and muzzleloader hunting. My uncle was also involved in competition archery and offered to teach me that also. Since I was 12 years old I've been shooting tournaments and recently in the past few years started traveling all over the country shooting tournaments. Archery and hunting are now a 365 day a year passion for me. If I'm not working or spending time with my family you'll find me deer hunting in the fall, turkey hunting in the spring, and shooting archery tournaments from January til October.

Adam Hickman

Hello my name is Adam Hickman. Born and raised and currently living in Abingdon va. I was born july 1st of 1993. Hunting has definitely been part of my life since a very young age. My grandfather and dad was the biggest influences in my hunting career. I can remember back to when I was 2-3 years old my dad would put me on his shoulders and pack me up in the mountains to go Squirrel hunting. My grandfather had the biggest influence on me. From a young age he would take me to what is now channels national forest in brumley gap, Abingdon va. We would ride for what seemed like hours on the fourwheller to his favorite hunting spots. At age 8 I killed my first deer with my grandfather, A nice a 8 point I still have hanging in the center of my living room. Since that moment my love for hunting has done nothing but grown. I have taken many great deer since and the rush and feeling of accomplishment hasn't faded. I mostly hunt personal and family Property around the Abingdon va area while still making trips to the state forest with my grandfather. On our biggest family farm (600 acers) we have 7 different food plots among numerous wooded oak flats. This (2016) makes 14 year in a row we have planted plots and the deer herd and size of the bucks definitely show. God definitely comes first in my life. Without him nothing we do would be possible. My wife and daughter is my second priority and then hunting. I'm a member at Community Baptist Church in Bristol tn. To all the hunters out there I'll leave you with this. Put in your work and time and always keep God first and good things will happen. Thank you Adam.

Jacob Ford

Name: Jacob Ford  Home Town: Johnson city, TN

Born in 1989, I was introduced to the outdoors as soon as I could walk. My earliest and favorite childhood memories come from the middle of farm country in north central Wisconsin in small town called in Medford. I can remember riding down the dirt roads around our dairy farm with my dad looking for deer and fields would be littered with massive Wisconsin bucks.

One evening around sundown our family was driving around looking at deer when I was 4 years old and we drove right up next to what is still the biggest buck I have ever witnessed while he was standing in a ditch and I was hooked from then on to deer hunting.

Our family moved back to the Appalachian Mountains in Southwest Virginia when I was 5 and I spent the rest of my time growing up in Mendota on a 140 acre farm right on a river. My two brothers and I would spend hours almost daily during the summers and anytime we could during school to get out there and wear it out on that river. Much has changed, but my brothers are still my hunting buddies and we get to hunt together almost every week during deer season.

There are so many great outdoor activities here in the mountains that I am passionate about from great hunting and fishing, The Appalachian Trail, Creeper Trail, quality lakes, etc. When I’m not lucky enough to be enjoying one of those, I spend my time working with clients as a Financial Advisor.

Danny Sturgill

Name:Danny Sturgill  home town: Corbin KY

I'm Danny Sturgill, born in Corbin Ky raised in Georgetown KY. I love hunting and fishing. I fish for anything that's biting hooks, and I hunt deer, turkey, and doves.The outdoors is my personal get away, a way of life for many. To be in the woods hunting isn't just to drop that trophy buck or that big bearded Tom. It's about getting to experience nature and the beauty away from the asphalt. I hunt and fish to relax and on the lucky days I get to put food on the table for my family.

Trey Ford

Name Trey Ford  Home TownMendota VA

My name is Trey Ford, I was born in 1987 in Bristol, Tennessee but raised in Mendota, Virginia. Well known as the heart of the Appalachian mountains. Though this wasn't where my story began it is where it has continued. It all started when I was 2 years old I moved to Wisconsin with my family. My earliest memories with my dad was sitting in the rock piles in the vast fields of corn and alfalfa on our dairy farm, often times my brother and I had fawns approach us,trying to figure out what sort of "creatures" we were. It was then when I fell in love with the outdoors . My father and I would talk about nature and we got into this big conversation about hunting, I was very intrigued, soon after our discussion my dad introduced me into hunting and its been a huge passion of mine along with fishing .I enjoy fishing in local rivers for Trophy small mouth bass. Beyond all of these passions I also own a large commercial cow operation and a full time fencing business.

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