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Missouri Mallards

What a Great Outfit! From the time we set this hunt up till we left the pit for the last time, It was a pleasure to deal with Andy, Riley and Missouri Mallards! The man knows his STUFF. We had a GREAT HUNT, we can't wait to go back! If your looking for a family oriented outfit and a God Fearing Man then Andy with Missouri Mallards is the Ticket. Thank you to everyone at Missouri Mallards, It was a Pleasure to share those pits with Yall! God Bless. - Cliff Canter

Clinton Cox

Name: Clinton Cox Hometown: Versailles, Kentucky

My story is a little different than the rest. I haven't spent years hunting and don't have load of experience. At a young age I was raised by my grandparents on my fathers sideand they weren't the hunting type. I have always loved the outdoors and living on hundred acre farm in nonsuch ky I had plenty of outdoors. I remember as a kid fishing in the pond know good and well wasn't nothing but frogs and supposedly a tractor sunken by my dad and uncles when they were kids. My papaw Lawson god rest his soul was the only person I can't remember who really shared the outdoors with me. To this day my family talks about him buying me a fishing pole when I was only days old. I have loved to fish because of him and everything he tried to teach me. Yet as much as much as I loved to fish bring home that big buck was a passion that felt so out of reach.

  I served in the Army and was stationed in Washington state such a beautiful state. A perfect vacation for an outdoors person well if you don't mind the rain. During that time I became a father to two amazing boys. As I watched them grow I knew that it wasn't to late for to me to finally hunt. I wanted to give them everything I never had, I wanted to show them not only a different way at life but that you should never give up on your dreams. 

    2013 I brought home my Hoyt Faktor 30, and with every draw of the bow bullseye or miss I felt like a new man. This feeling I wanted to share with my boys no matter what. 

    2014 I killed my first deer ever , a beautiful 8 point buck, my adrenaline was so high I about cut my finger off trying to ale the first cut to field dress it. 

    I am a father a son a brother a friend a veteran a hunter, and just like my family here at Addicted to the Season  WE ARE THE OUTDOORS.

Gary (Andy) Barker

Name: Gary (Andy) Barker Hometown: Johnson City, TN.

Hello, my name is Andy Barker. I am from Northeast Tennessee and currently live in Johnson City, TN. I spend most of my time on what I will call the family farm in Hiltons, VA. This is the same land my great grandfather built a house on in 1898, after receiving the land from his father.

I've always been outdoors, backpacking the Appalachian Trail, fishing for bass in Boone Lake and camping in the Smokey Mountains. I was always doing anything I could unplugged and outside.

I came into hunting in a non-traditional way. Most people are hunters that turn into shooters. I was the opposite. My father introduced me to guns at a young age. He taught me the history about them, how to fear their power and to respect and enjoy their capabilities. I enjoyed marksmanship. I started reloading at a young age and eventually challenged myself to do more. I got into long range precision shooting and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

After discussing the numerous big game opportunities in Virginia, the topic of hunting came up between me and my dad. I was hooked talking about the challenge and the connection to my family heritage. I made the leap into rifle hunting, then muzzle-loader and finally archery. To this day, hunting remains the biggest challenge of skills, ability and luck out of any of my past activities. The rush and adrenaline simply can not be described

Cliff (BigDog) Canter - CO-Founder/Vice President

Hometown: Bristol Tn.

Hey guys and gals. First and foremost welcome to our Website, Thank You for taking the time to check us out. 

My name is Cliff Canter aka BigDog, I was born and raised in East Tn. I have spent my whole life in these Beautiful Mountains I call Home. Growing up as a child we was always catching crawdads in the creek or rounding the chickens up at the barn. I had an amazing childhood, now looking back on it. I spent every chance I could (even playing hookie from school) at my mamaw's farm. Such great times, (miss you mamaw). As time would go on, I would get involved into basketball and later on into football. I enjoyed playing sports and was pretty good at them as well, Taught me alot about Hard Work and Dedication! It wasn't till Freshman Year in high school that killed my very first deer (4 point) all thanks to my Godfather (RL). When that Marlin 30/30 went off and that deer feel within sight, I WAS HOOKED!!! That adrenaline rush I felt was nothing that I ever felt with sports and I wanted more of it.

I went into the USMC right after high school and spent 6 years serving my country. It was a Great Time in my life.

Now the years have quickly passed, I'm married to the Love of My Life (Heather) and we have 3 wonderful children (Hunter, Jacob and Abby). Teaching my family the right ways of the Outdoors and to use what God put on this earth for our benefit. Seeing the enjoyment in my kids eyes when they catch a fish, shooting their guns or hanging with dad on the farm is what Life is about for me! So it is our responsibility to make sure we pass on our hunting heritage to the Next Generation! Make it fun for them to keep their attention but be very informational with them as well. These are things they will remember for years to come. Thank you for your time, We hope you enjoy our website and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or advice you may have. We will see you down the road.

So as time has went on, we have put together a Great Team to catch all of our outdoor moments on film to bring them to you, Our Fans!


BigDog's Gear List:


Mathews Helium: 29.5 in draw 70#. Custom String. Trophy Ridge React 5 pin Sight. G-5 Quiver. Blackeagle Outlaw Arrows (Crested w/blazer vanes 300 spine wt.). NAP Apache Stabilizer. QAD Ultrarest HDX. Executioner 100g 2-Blade Mechanical Bradhead. Truefire Hardcore Release.


Browing A-Bolt 7mm Ulti Mag topped with a Nikon Pro-Staff 4x12x50. Choice Ammunition. Limb Saver Sling.


Benelli Super Vinci. Open Sights (I do not use a red dot). PatternMaster Waterfowl and Turkey Choke Tubes. Blackcloud Waterfowl Shells. Federal 3rd Degree Turkey Loads.

Accessories: Treezyn Camo. Irish Setter Boots and Muck Rubber Boots. Vortex Binos. Sig Saur Range Finder. Muddy Trail Cameras, Tree Stands and Safety Harness. Badlands Backpacks. Njaeye Action Cameras. Canon G40 main camera with rode mic and Muddy Outfitter treestand arm. Carbon Skin products. Wind Pro Synthetic Scents. Happy Herd Nutritions, INC and Feeds. Denvers Deer Scents. Bow Mount. Boss Buck Gravity Feeders. Taiga Coolers, Work Sharp (knife sharpening tools)

Joe (KY) Kidd - CO-Founder/President

Hometown: Georgetown, Kentucky

I love everything about the outdoors and chasing big bucks. As a troubled teen growing up and constantly getting into trouble, I met my wife and I finally grew up, stopped doing the things that i was doing in the past and got myself on the right path. My father-in-law, Leon Kiser, took me hunting for the first time and thats when I harvested my first spike with the rifle, and from there on. I had a genuine passion for hunting. So I started getting into squirrel, turkey, and deer hunting as well. Ever since that first deer, i'm constantly in the woods hanging stands, scouting, putting in food plots, or just hanging out and watching wildlife. I like to fish for Smallmouth and hit holes of Bluegill as much as possible during the summer, but the deer season comes fast duing the summer and doesn't leave enough time for fishing. Managing my Deer Herd takes up most of the Spring and Summer time. My wife puts up with all the commotion and headache during the hunting seasons, while I continue to pursue my dream of knocking down that one buck I watch every year growing into the monster I want him to. Constantly traveling state-to-state chasing Whitetails and other animals. As my passion for hunting grows, the need for me to share my journeys and experiences with everyone possible grows as well.

One of the most common misconceptions in the beginning is that everything is handed down by sponsors, yet this is not true. I still have to work a fifty-five to sixty-five hour week at my job to provide for my family, but i still find the time for my wife and kids. Although my family puts up with me constantly traveling during the seasons and only being home for short periods of time, they still support my passion. Luke Bryan said it best, " Huntin', Fishin', and Lovin' everyday. That's the prayer that a country boy prays,". Although my first kill was with a rifle my absolute go to is my bow. In the first few years of hunting, I was taking every mature doe that walked by, and weren't seeing any nice bucks. My father-in-law would always get onto me and explained to me that I was never going to see a nice, mature buck if I didn't let the does pass. Once I started letting does pass, I started to see more and more deer, which pushed that rush even farther. I've always felt that harvesting a nice doe is just as thrilling as harvesting a monster buck. So if you lose that feeling then you need to pursue another passion, like arts and crafts.
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